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Radio Host and Producer Susan McCray

In January of 2005, Susan began hosting the internet radio show Getting to Know You with Susan McCray. The show broadcasts on KSAV.org and airs every Tuesday evening. Guests include people from all walks of life - celebrities from the entertainment business, educators, sports personalities and more. The show was recently picked by several Connecticut FM stations including; WWUH, WDJW, WWEB.

Susan has a new segment on The Skunk FM called Hollywood Hotline
which airs Mon thru Fri at 8:15 a.m. on "Rio and Hoot In The Morning." Susan is the Entertainment Editor for KUNK which broadcasts in Mendocino County and on the internet at www.theskunkfm.com.

Susan just created a new series of specials called Getting To Know A Life In Music, honoring those who  compose and perform. One of the first shows pays tribute to composer Henry Mancini.

Susan wrote and hosted To Travel or Not To Travel, That is the Question, and created two other internet radio shows For KSAV.org; Wine Splash originally hosted by wine expert Lee Hodo who has turned the hosting reins over to wine connoisseur, educator and columnist Ms. Von Hurson and The Vivian Carol KSAV Astrological Forecast which she narrates. Both shows air twice daily each week on KSAV.org.

As discusssed in this interview, Susan produced a recording of Love on a Merry-Go-Round, composed by her mother Francesca Paley Sukman and her father Harry Sukman, as the theme song for KSAV.org. She wrote the lyrics and sang with two other singers. The interview features both the KSAV theme and a piano version by Vincent Falcone, along with a promo featuring talented harpist Eleanor Fell..



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