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In 2003, Ms. McCray produced a CD of her father’s work entitled The Legacy of a Man and His Music, A Tribute to Academy Award winning composer Harry Sukman. The CD was recorded on the Paramount Studios sound stage with a 65 piece orchestra.

In December of 2007, Susan produced a new CD entitled Warm Heart … Cool Hands (A Tribute to my Friend), featuring the music of her father Harry Sukman. It is arranged by Vincent Falcone, who is best known as musical director and pianist for the late Frank Sinatra and currently performs with a number of musical greats, including Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Jack Jones, and Tony Bennett.  The CD features the Vincent Falcone Trio. The CD is in the genre of easy listening jazz and has received acclaim by numerous music devotees.

The CD is available via CDBaby.com. Its website: www.warmheartcoolhands.com

Warm Heart, Cool Hands - Sukman Gold
by Penny McQueen

If you're a part of that broad demographic spectrum tagged as Baby Boomer, the music of Harry Sukman is as closely interwoven into the background of your life as Saturday morning cartoons, Sky King, and Spin and Marty. He scored everything you watched - movies and TV shows - so deftly that the music defined the characters and plotlines in a way that went beyond today's gritty realism and into emotional resonance. If you don't know Harry Sukman music, you should.

This tribute album, produced by his daughter, Susan Sukman McCray, takes his genius and funnels it through the hands of legendary jazz pianist and conductor Vincent Falcone. The result is Sukman gold, crafted into new arrangements by a master artist. Vincent Falcone is legendary in the music world, not only for his work with Sinatra but for his own career as well as tours with such artists as Tony Bennett, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Jack Jones, and Andy Williams. This CD demonstrates why he's so well thought of, as his talent shines through in every track.

Blue's Theme was originally a character theme from the classic series High Chaparral, a melancholy, wistful melody that spoke heartbreakingly of those years when we are poised between child and adult, and the world is too unfair to be withstood. Falcone transforms it into a dancing delight, an exuberant, teenaged triumph of spirit, but lurking underneath you can still hear the young anguish. It's quite a feat.

Susan was written for Sukman's daughter's wedding, and you can hear the pride and love of a father for his only child in the notes. Gold Wedding Band, originally recorded by Peggy Lee, is heartbreakingly beautiful in Falcone's version.

This CD contains an amazing collaboration between two geniuses in the music world. Any one of the tracks is worth the price of the entire CD, as they're all classics.





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Warm Heart,
Cool Hands

After listening to this lovely treasure chest, my heart is warm and overflowing with emotion. How wonderful. Thank you.
~ Patty Weidling

Splendid tribute...captivating arrangement

~Jan Pippins

Susan Sukman McCray at her father Harry Sukman's Steinway grand piano
Susan Sukman McCray at her father Harry Sukman's Steinway grand piano.