About Susan

Supporter of Arts and Education

Susan has introduced a new drama outreach program for the University of Hartford Magnet School. The Susan McCray Initiative will be introducing a form of drama therapy to be included in the Magnet school as well as other school’s curriculum.

In May of 1999, Ms. McCray was so impressed with the programs, the students and the rapid growth of the institution at Eastern Connecticut State University, she soon thereafter established The Susan McCray Account for The Theatre Arts via the ECSU Foundation. It was set up to support special initiatives and programs for students within the theatre arts program at Eastern. The following year, Susan made it possible for the ECSU theater students to meet playwright Maggie Brown and produce/perform Ms. Brown’s original play Sophisticated Nuts and Dried Fruits. Ms McCray brought Emmy award winning actor Henry Darrow to Eastern where he not only spoke to Theatre students, he performed his one act play Cervantes on campus.

In May of 2004 The Harry Sukman Master of Music Collection was donated to Eastern Connecticut State University by Ms. Sukman. The collection contains Music scores from well-known composers; Franz Liszt, George Gershwin, Brahms, Beethoven as well as from such lesser known composers as Dimitri Kabalevsky, Abram Khachaturian and Joaquin Turina. Susan felt that the music that inspired her father as a pianist and composer, should be available at Eastern in order to inspire its students, staff, faculty, and friends of the  University and its library.

In 2005, as a gift to the University of Hartford/Hartt School of Music, Susan renovated and dedicated the Harry Sukman Foyer. The Foyer has on permanent display the Academy Award winning composer’s Memorabilia Exhibit, A Life In Music. The 1929 Harry Sukman Steinway Grand Piano is located n the Foyer and was also donated to The University by Susan in her father’s memory. The dedicatory concert featured the Hartford Symphony as well as students from the Hartt School.

In the Spring of 2005 Susan McCray was elected as a new member of the Board of Regents at the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut and serves on the education committee. She has been elected to begin serving a second term in 2008.





Magnet School celebrates Susan McCray day

Magnet School
Celebrates Susan
McCray Day

Lego Sculpture

LEGO Sculpture
Delights Magnet School Students

Madame MooCray

The University of Hartford Magnet School received a cow from the City of Hartford's CowParade charity auction.  Connor Montgomery, grandson of Susan and Kent McCray, poses with Madame Moo-Cray.